“The Royal Flush”

The Monkees as soldiers in an army briefing
The Monkees in business suits as building inspectors and throne salesmen
Peter as a construction worker
David as a swordsman

“Monkee See, Monkee Die”

Michael as elderly man, David as elderly woman, Micky a 23-hour doorman, Peter as TV repairman
Micky as Sherlock Holmes, David as Dr. John Watson
Monkees in capes/monster masks, Indian gear, caveman skins and orange frogmen suits
David in suit of armor

“Monkee Versus Machine”

Micky as lion tamer
David and Peter as, respectively, a toy-testing tyke and his mom
Micky and David as, respectively, a toy-testing tyke and his mom
Peter and Micky as, respectively, a toy-testing tyke and his mom
Monkees as construction workers, junkmen, farmers and firemen

“Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers”

Micky as Groucho Marx
Micky and Michael in astronaut helmets
Micky in white labcoat and rumpled hair as mad scientist
Monkees as cowboys and Legionnaires

“The Spy Who Came In From The Cool”

David with straw hat and cane singing "Old Folks At Home"
Monkees in a spy training school; Micky is the instructor, Peter, Michael and David are the trainees
Monkees as trenchcoated gangsters

“The Success Story”

Micky as chauffeur, Michael as chef, Peter as houseboy
Micky as mechanic
Michael as cowboy/goof autograph hound, Peter as photographer
Peter as luggage carrier/Icarus, Micky a luggage inspector, Michael as airport taximan

“The Monkees In A Ghost Town”

Michael and David play a Western scene; Michael plays double roles: Black Bart and Slade, David is Kincaid
Micky as The Big Man, Peter as Spider
Monkees as foreign Legionnaires
Monkees as baseball players/Peter as coalmine worker
Micky as circus barker

“Don't Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth”

Peter and David in horse costume
Michael, Micky, David and peter as matadors
Micky as a jockey coach, David as a jockey

“The Chaperone”

Micky and David as bomb shelter inspectors
Peter and David as instructors of etiquette
Micky in drag as Mrs. Arcadian
Peter in loincloth imitating Tarzan, swinging on a vine and falling into a fountain
Monkees as scubadivers

“Here Come The Monkees” (Original Pilot Film)

David in tux as groom (handcuffed to Vanessa Russell)
Monkees as lawyers at a board meeting
Monkees in overalls and mustaches as gift shop boys
Monkees as escaped convicts
Monkees as Mavericks: Peter is Wyatt Earp; David as Bat Masterson; Micky, Billy The Kid; and Michael, Jesse James

“Monkees A La Carte”

Micky, Michael and David as spectators at a horse race
Monkees as burglars in checkered caps and masks (save for "Wool Hat" Michael)
Monkees as The Purple Flower Gang (wearing white carnations!)

“I've Got A Little Song Here”

Micky and David in striped vests, straw hat and cane as Vaudeville sideshow men: David is the pianist, Micky, the barker
David, Micky and Peter in red tights with emblazoned white "M"s, and black capes, trunks and galoshes as superheroic Monkeemen
David Micky and Peter a spiano tuners
Micky, David and Peter as, respectively, bigshot producer "M.D. and his associates

“One Man Shy” (a.k.a. "Peter And The Debutante")

David as an old lady
Micky as Sigmund Freud
Monkees in Tarzanesque leopardskin suits
David, Micky, and Michael as, respectively, (1) a french waiter, a toy salesman, and a park ateendant and (2) a tailor, a stockbroker, and a yacht captain.

“Dance, Monkee, Dance”

Monkees in a courtroom scene: Micky, Michael and David don wigs and black robes as, respectively, the prosecutor, the judge, and the defense counsel; Peter is the defendant
Micky as a solicitor
Monkees' assorted costume attire of matching red shirts and grey pants; matching striped jackets with straw hats; Russian outfits; Polynesian outfits; tuxedos; different colored plain tee shirts; Mexican outfits; and matador outfits
David in a vest and bow tie as a dance instructor for Renaldo Au Go Go
Micky and Peter as, respectively, (1) a strict teacher and a worried lady, (2) two leopardskin-clad cavemen, and (3) a harassed old lady and a masher

“Too Many Girls” (a.k.a. "Davy And Fern")

Micky, Michael and Peter in 1930s gear, posing for a picture
Peter as The Amazing Pietro, a magician
Michael as Billy Roy Hodstetter, a country-western singer
Micky as Locksly Mendoza, a corny comedian-mimic

“The Son Of A Gypsy”

Monkees as Gypsies
Micky, wearing a mask, pulling out a gun, and taking Michael's wallet
Micky and Michael throwing punches with boxing gloves
Micky, in rumpled hair and tuxedo, as a delegate
Monkees as football players

“The Case Of The Missing Monkee”

Micky, Michael and David in robes and pajamas as hospital patients
Micky, Michael and David in green caps and gowns as surgeons
Micky in white suit and glasses and wearing a stethescope as doctor

“I Was A Teenage Monster”

Bespectacled Monkees in white labcoats (David and Micky with rumpled hair) as mad scientists ("SCIENCE MUST BE SERVED!!!!")

“Find The Monkees” (a.k.a. "The Audition")

The Monkees as a Salvation Army band, a marching band, a Country and Western group and a gypsy group

“The Monkees In The Ring”

Micky in cardigan, moustache, rumpled hat and cane as Papa
David in boxer shorts, shows and gloves as "Dynamite Davy Jones"
Micky and Michael as trainers from the boxing commissioner sent
Peter on a crutch in head cast, arm cast, and leg cast

“The Prince And The Paupers”

David as Prince Ludlow
David in knickerbockers as swordsman
Peter in suit of armor as knight
Micky and Peter in cowboy hats

“The Monkees At The Circus”

Monkees as brain surgeons; Mike as cotton picker
Monkees play a circus scene: Peter is the ringmaster; Micky and Mike are, respectively, lion tamer Clyde "Lefty" Greedy and his lion; and David as The Great Zambini, an acrobat
Monkees as French ticghtrope artists The Mutzarella Brothers: Amazing, Incredible, Colossal and Stupendous
Monkees as clowns

“Captain Crocodile”

Monkees spoof The Huntley-Brinkley Report, with Michael, Micky, David and Peter as news commentators and Michael as weather forecaster Tex Nesmith
Monkees spoof What's My Line? (What's My Scene?) and To Tell The Truth (To Tell A Fib), with Michael, David and Peter as panelists and Micky, the moderator
Monkees spoof Batman (Frogman), with Michael and Micky as crooks, and Peter and David in orange sharkskin suits, capes, and "frog" emblems as, respectively, Frogman and Reuben The Tadpole
Micky as Neilsen Polling Service spokesman, Michael as building janitor, and David and Peter as children
Monkees' assorted costume attire of matching red shirts and grey pants; matching striped jackets with straw hats; Russian outfits; Polynesian outfits; tuxedos; different colored plain tee shirts; Mexican outfits; and matador outfits (previously used in “Dance, Monkee, Dance”)

“Monkees A La Mode”

Peter and Michael in 1770s American clothing
David and Micky spoof the Paul Revere Midnight Ride: Micky is Paul Revere and David is The British
Tuxedoes Monkees seated at a table
Tuxedoes Monkees as classical musicians

“Alias Micky Dolenz”

Micky as vicious gangster (his cousin Baby Face Morales)

“Monkee Chow Mein”

Michael and David in white labcoats as food-drug inspectors
Michael and David in hats scarves, cardigans and handlebar mustaches as Italian restaurateurs
Michael and David as bespectacled Monkeemen

“Monkee Mother”

Monkees in ragged clothing as poor people
Monkees in 1920s outfits
David in tuxedo
David and Micky as waiters

“The Monkees On The Line”

Micky, David and Peter in green gowns, weariung stethescopes as "doctors"
David wearing towel and weilding torch.

“The Monkees Get Out More Dirt”

David as David Armstring Jones of the BBC ("Better Be Clean"), Michael as Dr. Frigmund Fried, Peter as telephone repairman, Micky as MOT questionnaire
David in rumpled hair beret and VanDyke beard as pop artist
Peter in tux as chamber music conductor
Micky in Peter Pan suit and green tights as ballet dancer
Michael in helmet, scarf and black leather jacket as motorcyclist
Monkees in white judo outfits

“The Monkees In Manhattan” (a.k.a “The Monkees Manhattan Style”)

Micky as a doctor, Peter is his patient
Michael as a cop, Peter as a peanut vendor, Micky a streetcleaner, David a newspaper boy
Micky wearing white cowboy hat and gunholster belt
Monkees as millionaires: David Armstrong Jones, H.L. Nesmith, Sheik Veroob Dolenza and Peter DeWitt
Peter and David wearing bunny ears

“The Monkees At The Movies”

Monkees in swimsuits with surfboards
Micky as Shakespearean actor
David as makeup artist
Monkees spoof cliffhangers: Micky is cloaked villain, Michael is his assistant, Peter the victim, David the hero
Micky, Peter, and Michael in business suits as teen magazine reporters
David as prince, artist, chef, knight, boxer, fireman, caveman, and old lady (all from past Monkees episodes)

“The Monkees On Tour”

Micky, Michael and Peter in hats, overcoats and fake beards as old men (they actually had homegrown beards under those fake ones!)

"It's A Nice Place To Visit..."

Micky, Michael and Peter don ruthless bandito guises El Dolenzio (The Bandit Without A Soul), El Nesmito (The Bandit Without Any Conscience), and El Torko (The Bandit Without A Nickname)
The Monkees as cowboys

"The Picture Frame"
(a.k.a. "The Bank Robbery")

The Monkees as gangsters
The Monkees enact a movie theater scene during a police interrogation
Michael in glasses, hat & beard as 'Phillip Jackson'
Micky as bespectacled defense counselor
Michael and David as popcorn/penut/hotdog vendors
Peter in Sherlock Holmes hat
Micky as old lady
Peter in showercap and towel

"Everywhere A Sheik Sheik"

David as sheik prince
Micky, Michael and Peter in business suits
Peter as a scientist, Michael as a commodore, Micky as a German corproal
Micky, Michael and Peter as sheik cabinet ministers: Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State and Director of Forests

"Monkee Mayor"

Michael as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Lyndon Baines Johnson
Peter in white labcoat
Micky as a reporter

"Art For Monkee's Sake"

Monekes as catburglars: David is The Manchester Marauder; Peter is The Conneticut Counterspy; Michael, The Modest But Towering Texan; and Micky, The Los Angeles Leopard A/K/A (in Peoria) The Pantherman

"I Was A 99-lb. Weakling"

Peter as Doctor
David with lollypop and holding kite string (actually a dirigible string!) as a kid
Peter and David in grey sweatsuits
Monkees as Monkeemen

"Hillbilly Honeymoon" (a.k.a. "Double Barrell Shotgun Wedding")

Michael and Micky as hillbilly cousins Roland and Clem
Peter in Davy Crockett gear as Uncle Raccoon

"Monkees Marooned"

David as Commodore
Micky, David and Peter in leopard skins

"The Card-Carrying Red Shoes"

Peter as lion tamer
David and Micky as (1) undercover investigators for the BVD and (2) Russian dancers
Micky in a chicken outfit

"The Wild Monkees"

David as waiter, Micky as bellhop, Peter as gardener, Mcihaela s travelling musician
Monkees as leather clad bikers

"A Coffin Too Frequent"

Monkees in a courtroom scene: Michael is The Witness; Micky, The Prosecutor; David, The Defendant; Peter, The Judge
David in straw hat, bowtie, cane and striped jacket as a Vaudevillian dancer
Micky and Michael in beach gear
Micky and Michael as firemen
Micky and Michael Keystone Kop-style policemen
Micky, David and Peter as angels

"Hitting The High Seas"

Micky, Peter and David as sailors
Micky, bearded and raincoat-clad, as Captain Ahab
Peter as Giacomo Casanova
Micky as Captain Hornblower (literally!)
David, Micky and Peter as pirates

"The Monkees In Texas"

Micky is The Lone Stranger, Peter is Pronto

"The Monkees On The Wheel"

Monkees as crooked gamblers: Peter is The Professor; Micky is The Insidious Strangler; David, Muscles The Mauler; Michael, Vicious Killer

"The Monkees Christmas Show"

Micky as half-beast
Michael as horse race announcer
Micky as Santa Claus, David his elf (wearing Michael's wool hat, yet!)


Michael as Princess Gwen
Micky as Goldilocks
Mikcy and David as Hansel and Gretel
David as Little Red Riding Hood

"The Monkees Watch Their Feet"

Micky as producer, sheik, cowboy, biker, pilot, and gangster (from assorted Monkees episodes)

"The Monstrous Monkee Mash"

David as a vampire
Micky as a werewolf
Michael as mummy

"The Monkee's Paw"

Michael and Micky reenacting Mendrek (Hans Conried)'s trip through Tibet as a youth: Michael is The Regular Llama ("Reg"), Micky as young Mendrek
Michael, Peter and David in black gowns as professors
Monkees as Marx Brothers: Michael as Groucho, Micky as Harpo, Peter as Chico
Mickya s magician
Peter as The Astonishing Pietro (from “Too Many Girls” [a.k.a. "Davy And Fern"])

"The Devil And Peter Tork"

Micky as a newspaper boy
Monkees as demons

"The Monkees Race Again" (a.k.a. "Leave The Driving To Us")

Monkees as greasemonkees
David in yellow jumpsuit, helmet, gloves and gogles as a racing driver

"The Monkees In Paris" (a.k.a. "The Paris Show")

David in top hat and black jacket
Peter and David in stiped pajamas

"The Monkees Mind Their Manor"

David as a lad with a lollypop and a yo-yo
Micky, Michael and Peter as mummies: Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn
David in grey suit of maille
David in boxing gloves, trunks, shoes, and "Dynamite Davy Jones" robe (all from “The Monkees In The Ring”)

"Some Like It Lukewarm" (a.k.a. "The Band Contest")

Michael as Princess Gwen (from "Fairytale")
Micky as Mrs. Arcadian (from “The Chaperone”)
Peter as David's "mother" (from “Monkee Versus Machine”)
David as Little Red Riding Hood (from "Fairytale")
David as drag queen

"The Monkees Blow Their Minds"

Michael as Frank Zappa
Peter in Gypsy gear
Michael in smoking jacket and asthcot as a millionaire
Peter with Cousin Eerie mask.
David as a lawyer
Micky as a half-drunk goof
Monkees as gypsies

"Mijacogeo" (a.k.a. "The Frodis Caper")

Michael as Lost And Found Man
Michael and Micky as Hindu musicians: Michael plays a sitar, Micky the congas


Monkees as cheerleaders
Monkees as GIs
Micky as Allied soldier
Monkees as sheiks
Michael as frontiersman; Micky as Calvary soldier
David in fancy white shirt and black knickerbockers
David as bloody-faced boxer
Monkees in white radiation suits
David in white tux on black set/black tux on white set
Micky as an explorer
Micky, Michael and David as Turkish prisoners

33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee

Peter reclining on a cushion clad in Eastern garb
Michael as country singer(s)
David as fairytale character
Monkees as white-fur gorillas
Monkees as draped, stovepiped and greased '50s singers

Hey, Hey It's The Monkees

Monkees as pro wrestlers
Micky as museum guide
Monkees spoofing HSN by plugging their album
David as Ethel Merman